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• Innovate how healthcare is dispensed
-Focus on Preventive Care
-Investment in biomedical research for the cures of chronic diseases such as CRISPR gene editing
• Flexcare Choice – Freedom of choice Healthcare
-Ability to switch between private and government insurance
• Expanding Access to Care – All current uninsured individuals will be covered with Medicare Part A. As health care cost is lowered, more coverage benefits will be added


There is not a single healthcare plan that will work without reducing patient care and prescription drug cost. Cost savings and cost controls must be implemented to ensure that the United States can deliver health services at comparable rates of other industrialized countries. Medical Tort Reform is needed to limit outrageous lawsuit settlements and to get lawyers out of medical decisions. Eliminating fraud, waste and abuse can save the healthcare system over 200 billion a year. Obesity prevention and tobacco cessation would also save billions a year in medical care.

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