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Election Reform

• Elimination of Primaries
• Direct election of Supreme Court Justices
• Eliminate the Electoral College
• Digital voting


Election Reform is needed to give the elections back to the People. Primaries limit the voters’ choice in candidates and diminishes the value of each vote. Primaries make it difficult to defeat longtime incumbents which keep out new ideas that the United States needs to stay competitive. Elimination of primaries will not only give voters more options, but it will save millions of tax money every year.

The current bipartisan nomination of Supreme Court Justices eliminates 50 % of potential candidates. Direct election of Justices with a 12-year one term limit will ensure we will have the best legal minds to determine court rulings.

Digital voting will help increase voter participation, will provide instant result reporting and give the ability to reduce fraud and ballot tampering.

Other election reforms:
• Elimination of the Electoral College
• Automatic voter registration at 16 years old
• Separate election for Vice-President
• Term limits for Congress, Senate and Supreme Court

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