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• Create a funding formula that levels the inequalities of our current education system
• Put curriculum decisions in the hands of the community
• Modernize College Degrees
• Recruit and retain the best quality teachers


We need to invest in our children’s education to ensure our children's and country’s future success. Every child deserves a quality education. When the education system fails to properly meet a student’s needs the cost to the student and society is great. Innovative school campuses like the 4c Academy in Albany that coordinates the curriculum with local business and industry interests, or the Milton Hershey School model where students receive the needed social support are needed to ensure that every student is set up for success.

The current college degrees are based on outdated and antiquated parameters, and most don’t equip the current graduates with the skills they need to succeed in society that is growing increasingly high tech dependent. The degrees should be streamlined to reflect directly on the skills that will help the student excel in their given field of study.

Tuition free college should be made available to lowest income individuals and expanded to others when the colleges are able to lower the cost and delivery of their curriculum.

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